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Clif Bar Crunchy Peanut Butter 68 g

Clif bar

Clif Bar Crunchy Peanut Butter 68 g

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CLIF Bar is the original energy bar made with wholesome ingredients that deliver energy. CLIF Bars have whole ingredients you can see and taste, such as rolled oats, fruits and nuts. Each bar contains B6 and B12 which contribute to the normal release of energy for use in the body. The bars are also a source of protein and fibre.

Per 68g Bar:
fat 4.5
carbs 39
sugars 23
fibre 5
protein 9
salt 0.375

Ingredients: brown rice syrup, rolled dates, soy rice crisps, chocolate chips, cocoa butter, soya lectin, vanilla extract, cane syrup, roasted soy beans, soy flour date paste , oat fibre, apple fibre, soy bean paste, sunflower oil, chicory extract, molasses powder, psyllium, sea salt , cinnamon , calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid, magnesium oxide, ascorbic acid, alphatocopheryl acetate, betacarotene, niacinamide, riboflavin .

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